Ophelia Mikaelson was once human … не всё так просто как ты думала с Офелией!

If Only — 33

Ophelia Mikaelson was once human. A thousand years ago. Now, she’s an Original vampire that cannot be killed. All she’s ever wanted was a family, someone to love her, to just be a normal human who grows old and die, just like her sister Rebekah. And after what happened to Kol, she thought enough was enough and left. She ended up in Arizona where she saved Bella Swan. She compelled Bella’s parents and anyone who knows the family to make them think she was Bella’s sister; twin. But she didn’t compel Bella, Bella knows what Ophelia is and they are closer because of it. What happens when they move to Forks? Will Ophelia get the family she’s always wanted or will it get stripped away like everything else has?
 Ophelia Mikaelson was once human

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